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January 06, 2020


Augie Hicks

Dac, I really do not appreciate autocorrect. Sorry about your name

Augie Hicks

Dec, if anyone can bridge the two is you. I enjoy hearing your excitement in reading your articles.

Janice Pulliam

Dac, this new book sounds so interesting, but at 925 pages I will not order it. Maybe I can glance through the pictures on a visit to your house sometime.


thanks for this written version of what you were sharing at The Globe yesterday.

Due to the contrasting complex mixture of sounds in the The Globe I often do not hear complete phrases, let alone complete sentences and stories.

see y;all next Sunday


Seems as though you are on a hunt, the best kind, comparing two very large books. Nothing more exciting than finding a book that you know will bring some learning, some answering of long held questions 'alibates?,' or just new stuff.
Have fun. It was good to see you at Publix, even if you did think I was God.

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