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December 03, 2019



Thank you for the memories...

John R Lindermuth

Beautiful, Dac. I remember tossing those icicles, too, with my sister. My mother's birthday comes up on Dec. 6. She's been gone since 2008 in body, but remains with us in many fond memories. Maybe I should write her a letter. I like the idea.

Ruth Holt

Enjoyed your letter to your Mom.
Such wonderful memories..yep, throwing icicles on the tree is a lost art. Our family always went out to the ceader breaks to find the right tree and have a picnic a few days before Christmas...
May you and your family have a blessed Christmas....

Carolyn Embach

Beautiful memories are real treasures, and can make any day more welcome. I'm sure you have done your part to carry on these Christmas traditions down through the years. Merry Christmas!

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