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November 24, 2019


Lesley A. Diehl

We are divided and neither side seems to want to hear what the other is saying. It's as if we are speaking different languages, so how do we talk across the aisle?

Ruth Holt

My daily prayer: Dear God, thank you for this great nation. Help us to become united again under your guidance.


Hi, Dac,
Well said. I won't try to enhance, just agree. I'm scared for the first time like this in my almost 88 years. I want to go out and scream, and I keep thinking of things to 'fixit,' but I feel helpless. Even the young people I know haven't awakened to the true facts.I hope they will be able to take care of the earth. The ones I know vote for the right people, but they don't really understand how this all works, has worked before, and could work again. This time the planet may have to take care of itself for us, and Putin may have to put some clothes on and ride his horse into an abyss of ice.
If I disappear tomorrow, you'll know why.

John Kominoski

Well worded, Dac!


There is so much divide.

Who is benefiting the most from all this? What percentage of Americans are truly benefiting? What is happening to the country? What is our national debt?

Everyone needs to look at this and honestly try to repair the damage to the country.

And you certainly have the experience to rant! Although I call it sharing your experience.


in my mere 75 years I have only seen this much division during the days of Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House

When the Republican House and Senate spent a long time IMPEACHING President Clinton they also wasted a tremendous amount of money.

The respect for most politicians appears to be at the lowest since WWII.

"UNITED" does not fit in this country's name

50 States that Tolerate Each Other Sometimes

might be a better name

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