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October 06, 2019


Janice Pulliam

Yes, that's the way to solve medical problems---with guns!

Who is this TV star, Paige? I'm not familiar with that story.

Lesley A. Diehl

I prefer to get my medical information through science, but I guess some like to use celebrities as their authorities.

Paige Cummings

Amazing! And When you consider that at two different points in the middle ages, plague wiped out over half the population of Europe; and that smallpox was used as a biological weapon against Native Americans...and all it takes is a rabid poorly educated "TV star" to make false, unproven claims, and people are willing to risk their children's lives. We practice herd immunity, which protects those few who truly would be at risk of vaccination. Get your flu shots! Thanks, Dac for this wonderful platform!

Stephen Baird

Wow. That's the wild, wild west!
Even today, we have resistance to vaccination of children to protect against infectious diseases - based on a report that was never peer-reviewed and has been shown to be invalid.

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