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June 06, 2019


Stephen Baird

Hey Cousin,
I loved your post about 1949 in West Texas. I was nine years old then, living in Big Spring, 100 miles south of Lubbock at the base of the Panhandle. That year was the 100th anniversary of the discovery and founding of Big Spring by Colonel James Marcy of the U.S. Army Calvary. To celebrate, most of the men grew beards. Back then, the blacks (very few in West Texas) had to sit in the back of the bus. I learned this as I rode the bus with my mother to the washeteria with our basket of clothing. The excess water was removed from the clothes by putting them through a wringer. No dryer available - we used a clothes line. I went to Saturday afternoon movies for 9 cents to see a western with the likes of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Whip Wilson, Lash Larue, etc. With the movie came a newsreel, a cartoon and a serial ( Flash Gordon, et al).
I could go on and on but I won't.

Chris Antenen

Hi Dac, It's possible that writing memoirs might be just as much fun for the writer as the reader, and I suspect being of the same age might be good for the reader. Just suppose I told someone we saved the 'silver' paper in the Beeman's wrapper as part of the war effort. There's a lot of explaining to do. I tried to do some of it on my blog, but I'm not sure it was enjoyed by anyone but Ashley Garrett.



Thanks for your commitment to share you "MEMOIRS" post today.

Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoirs of famous people and some who never were are one of the genres I have bought and actually read completely more than mysteries, business books, creativity books, short story books, art, architecture, design books that fill shelves and boxes throughout every room in my house.

Among the various writing projects I have started since 1966, only finishing a few in the past 30 years are

Mystery Novels (6 started)
Travel Books (5 started, 1 finished to the stage of submitting a proposal and then shelved)
Creativity Books (1 published in 4 countries, 3 languages) 8 co-authored and published
Leadership Skills (3 co-authored and published)
Architecture/Design books
Self-Help (??? started...none published)
Memoirs (multiple started, 2 with single stories included, published)
My Angels and My Demons (written, published electronically and in print, actually sold a few but mostly copies have been given away.

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