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June 23, 2019


Shirley White

CAMERA, a wonderful invention, becoming more versatile with each idea. What a difference from our first 1944 Kodak, a box camera we could switch to half frame. Got some very good black and white photos that have lasted to this day. Yes, I think it is in the top of the closet. Now I just use the iPhone.


people who take only basic photos
not true photographers think their
smart phone is as good.

Sorry true photographers I know still prefer their

REAL CAMERAS....they may have switch to digital.

Some professionals have not change to digital and even continue to use FILM.

I rarely use my Motorola Android smart phone as a camera.

I use my Canon that I bought two years ago.

I too still have my original camera:

a Brownie Instamatic

along with I believe all my other cameras: film and digital.

If photographs mean SELFIES and WE-FIES that buy the cheapest smart phone you can find.

John R Lindermuth

As a reporter, I have fond (and not so fond) memories of a variety of cameras. My collection includes personal favorites I just had to have and a number of fascinating antiques. Digital is convenient but does it really compete with the personal touch of older models?

Lesley A. Diehl

I have several old cameras and am wondering what I should do with them. Suggestions anyone?

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