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March 13, 2019


Donna McGinty

Wow! Dac, how did you know where I am in life vis-a-vis obsolete accumulations of a lifetime!

John R Lindermuth

Since I live in the old homestead, I have relicts from both parents and, probably, from their parents. As a former reporter, I also have a collection of cameras. Come to think of it, I have my sliderule, too.

William "Hap" Tietjen

I gave my old cameras to Art Department at Ga. Southwester St. U. a few years ago, still have 3 functioning SLR waiting for when I tire of digital.

Vernon Powders typed letters until his death 3 years ago.

As always, I love your memories and wisdom!


Even as an architectural student at an engineering school we used slide rules. Still have my mechanical engineering father's 6 inch pocket slide rule and my 12 inch aluminum one.

1st camera - Kodak Brownie

Thanks for sparking the memories.

Stephen Baird

Good one, Dac.
I used a slide rule at SMU in a freshman year engineering course. We also had to learn how to survey as back then, even an electronics engineering student needed to know those things. I also remember going to the nearest 7-11 to test tubes when my TV stopped working. Carpe Diem, Cousin


Good for you,Sonny!
Please keep writing up your
good stories!!

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