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November 17, 2018


Mark Bromberg

Great look back. And a glimpse of what may be ahead, too -- although I wonder what your grandmother would think of driverless cars!

Lesley A. Diehl

We are going far and fast, but where are we going? As my friend Jim Callan said, patience seems to be in the rear view mirror also as has civility. I couldn't write and publish without the internet, but it seems not to have brought us closer together in any human sense.

Mrs. Luella Wheeler

Love this post.

Janice Pulliam

I had a woman friend who claimed that once the tampon was invented, that was enough, and scientists should have stopped inventing. She is dead now, and I wonder what she would have thought about the internet and cell phones. I’m sure glad I have my cell phone.

James Callan

Very nice look in the rear view mirror. And I think you nailed the advances pretty well. You could have classified the generations with the amount of patience each had, as that dwindled down to ward zero. Thanks for reminding us of how far and how fast we've moved.

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