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July 09, 2018


Lesley A. Diehl

Interesting information, as usual. I can sympathize with your back issues. Years of wear and tear and my back is like an 85 year old dock worker's. PT is indeed helpful, but I still need a little help from tylenol or ibuprofen or a shot of whiskey!

Carolyn Embach

I had NO idea about the Spanish territory extending to Louisiana. And the info on the south Texas cattle drive is new to me too. Hope Fran is reading this, I'm going to check in with her right now to make sure she sees this.


this is all new to me Dac.

thanks for sharing more about the REAL history of Texas.

Caroline Clemmons

I was aware of the cattle drives to Louisiana but not that they helped feed George Washington's troops. Thanks for the additional information, Dac. Best wishes for your back and your writing.

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