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May 23, 2018


John Lindermuth

Great story. Love those names.

Fran Cook

Thanks, Tascosa is one of my favorite research areas including Mobeetee and other ranch built towns. I'm working on a journal written by Calvin W. Polk, cowboy on the LX ranch with Charlie Siringo, James East,Lee Smith and others who rode with posse formed by the Cattleman's Association and rode with Pat Garrett on the Stinking Springs December, cold ride from Tascosa to White Oaks after Billy the Kid and gang. Seems Billy, just a boy himself, found himself being pursued by Cal Polk, 16 year old cowhand and other cowboys from LX, LS and LIT. Hope to finish editing it soon and get it publish under title. "When the Dust Settles, My ride to Hell and Back with Pat Garrett."


Always glad to read another one of your good stories.

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