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March 20, 2018


Lesley A. Diehl

You are probably right, Dac, but like the commenter above, I still love all those legends, too.

William "Hap" Tietjen

Always loved the "Yellow Rose" and still do what ever the basis! Thanks for sharing even if legends are destroyed.


thanks for sharing the true story once again.

Chris Antenen

Interesting facts on Yellow Rose. My good friend Marge Porter (gone now) was from Texas, and as soon as Wayne met her, he called her Yellow Rose and that never changed. I'm sure he was thinking of the song, but the name fit her. She was a beautiful Texan. I miss her.

Robert Coulson

Come on man - your account of the Yellow Rose was as depressing to me (a native Texan) as the when the Easter Bunny story was debunked.

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