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November 25, 2017


Joe O'Hop

I read that paper, and it sounded like there may be some other long-term observations in the US that might be suitable for comparison. I hope these will get published soon. As for the bees, I'm still getting lots of bumblebees on Porterweed and Bulbines, and the honeybees and solitary bees are doing pretty well. They really like the palms when they're blooming. And I had a run-in with some yellowjackets about a week ago when I was clearing some downed trees leftover from Irma, but that's another story. They leave you alone after about a hundred yards, by the way.


I have been following the news about it. It is very much disturbing!

Chris Antenen

Well said, Dac. My inner me boils sometimes, but I can get along without so much rancor. Is that a word?
Dare I say Happy Holidays?! Okay, I will. Happy Holidays. Mine are. I'm writing again! I don't like publishing.
As for the insects, I'm pretty dumb, but I do know that the younger generation are trying to save the bees by having hives of their own. My dil has a full time job, my grandson 17, and granddaughter graduating next spring from Syracuse, two large gardens, a bnb house, and two hives, but then she has cats, dogs, bunnies, chickens, alpacas, in the middle of Decatur, and is considering llamas. Bees? Drop in the bucket. She said she didn't even wear protection the first time she worked with them. Brave soul, she!
When I'm with them, I'm reassured about our future.

shirley white

Really interesting. We have plenty gnats at the moment. I was thinking just the other day we need a freeze to thin them. Other bugs I don't see many.

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