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July 24, 2017


Jan Okey

Fascinating to ponder - I hope the saga of
Quanah Parker is continued. Sorry to learn
about your sciatica . Find a way to feel
better soon.

celia yeary

What????He went insane? I never heard that...interesting.
All I knew about Mackenzie when growing up in Levelland was that there was a park named for him in Lubbock. I believe that park was part of the Yellow House Canyon.
Whatever side we're on--the settlers or the Commanche--you will be wrong in the eyes of somebody.
It was known and still is known that the Commanche were the most fierce tribe around. They fought everybody, including other tribes, and then the whites..and then..probably each other. No wonder they outlasted all others.
I have an unsold story in my files titled Whisper on the Wind..about a young Commanche warrior on the run from the debacle in the canyon, and he's caring for his grandparents, a female cousin, and a young male cousin. He goes south with them and crosses the Rio Grande..and meets a Spanish lass. A couple of publishers wouldn't take it--it is a romance story--because "no Comanche could ever be a "hero" in a book. Hmm. I disagree...and I also digress.
Good post as usual, Dac.
And now, I will take my medication for...guess what? Sciatica.

shirley white

You are an expert at finding information! Wish I had known all this when we lived out there.
Feel better soon!

Lesley A. Diehl

Wow! The stuff you know! I don't know what I felt worse about: shooting the horses or the deprivation the women and children experienced.
Hope your sciatica remains quieted. I have it along with arthritis in my spine. Gosh this aging thing is hard.

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