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February 11, 2017


William "Hap" Tietjen

Frequently hear and sometimes see them here in Greene Co. and back in Sumter Co.

Pleasant music indeed.

Stephen Baird

I ended my work as a Navigator for the Health Insurance Marketplace Dec. 31st and now have more time for personal enjoyment. I just read all of the blogs attached to this latest one. Loved them, particularly the one about our mutual grandmother. I used to have the article she wrote about being held up as a young girl on a stagecoach by the James gang. Do you have a copy of that.
Your cousin, Stephen Baird

J. R. Lindermuth

When I was a boy there were rumors of coyotes in my area of Pennsylvania. The idea was dismissed by 'smart people' who insisted they might be feral dogs. No one now dismisses the fact Coyotes are here.
There are also reports people have seen cougar, which the game department dismisses. Hey, guys, a friend and I saw a cougar here when we were in our early teens. And it wasn't our imagination.

Dale Hoyt

Dac, I looked up an obituary for Bob Mengel and found this:
"According to several of Mengel’s friends, his pack of semidomesticated coyotes occasionally escaped.
On more than one occsion his study subjects were captured and returned by the police. Thus his study
of dog-coyote hybrids (Journal of Mammalogy, Vol. 52, 1971, pp. 316-336) may be unique among
scientific journals in giving thanks to the local chief of police!"

Dale Hoyt

Dac, did you know Bob Mengel, the ornithologist at KU in the 1950s? He was breeding what he called "coy dogs," a cross between coyotes and dogs. I don't remember what breed of dog he used. I was at a party at his house once during the winter and looked out at the kennel in his back yard but didn't see anything.



I have heard you mention about your Coyote sightings near your cabin and possible ones in Athens.

In 1995 around this time I began compulsively walking nearly 7 days a week every morning for exercise for 40 to 90 or more minutes.

After a week or so I began walking in many places in Clarke County for variety.

Stopped walking in the dark because of dogs barking or wild dogs, foxes, deer, amarillo, raccoons and who knows .... maybe a coyote.

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