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January 16, 2017



thanks for sharing you beautiful shot of the deer in the woods and sharing you camera/photography history.

When I decided to try digital I reached to some photographers for their guidance and suggestions.

Jim Morgenthaler who I had met through his UGA job as photographer I reached out to and we met for lunch at ZIM's in early 2003.

the end of that 2 hour lunch discussion

I went out and bought an
Olympus digital camera and all the toys that went with it and multiple media cards (the type that were the latest technology then)

paid $800

my plan was to buy a $300 digital camera.

One thing Jim sold me on digital with was

how much did you spend to process the 100 roles of print film in 2001 from your trip.


Also he encouraged me to ALWAYS buy a camera that was technically smarter than me and learn through using it.

That I have done now for 14 years.

Jan Okey

Beautiful picture. A walk in the woods. Hold
that image. Future is unknown - it always has
been. Now it's on "fast forward" ! Think
positively, try to be optimistic and above all
stay curious....work your tail off. Reserve
time for contemplation and reflection - Many
good ideas are hatched in quieter times. We
are all on the same bus & we take care of each other.

Shirley J White

Lovely picture. Inviting path!

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