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August 22, 2016


Janice Pulliam

My husband's major professor told the draft board the same thing. They didn't listen in Augusta, GA. He had to appeal over and over until finally he reached the "safe" age of 26. Glad your Edward's draft board listened.

Luella B. Wheeler-Bell

I remember all those old professors. Remembered Homey also. She found "X" when she married a fine Celanese man. She had a good life. She is long gone now.
Nierman is especially sweet in my memory because he kept my Edward out of the Draft. He told the Draft Board leave this boy alone, he can do more for the country than carry a gun.

Dac Crossley Jr.

I did like overhead transparencies! A notebook full of them and a nice little projector. I’d make xeroxes of the transparencies and pass them out when the class ended.

When I taught at Riverside (1979) each student had a little tape recorder set up and facing me,.


Dale Hoyt

In 1978 I taught Intro Biology and Zoology at UGA. I had an overhead projector and a roll of transparent plastic to write on. I wore a microphone with a cord that anchored me to the podium where the projector was. Lectures were recorded on a cassette tape and available to the students at the Learning Center. There was a White board but I don't remember ever writing on it. Now it's mostly Power Point and profs reading the slides and expanding on the bullet points. Students still need to take notes if they want to get all the wisdom(?).


1980 to 1984 I have GREEN Boards in the studios I taught in in the Art Dept and in the LAR school

Over the 15 years I taught at Columbus State University I had GREEN Boards again and used almost every visual aid equipment I could: movie projectors, overhead, opaque, slide projectors and eventually a ceiling mounted LCD projector plus props and posters around the walls.

Lesley A. Diehl

The semester is about to begin here also. We have two colleges in town, a private and a public. The return of the students is certainly good for the local economy and trying on peace and tranquility. It's been a while since I retired, so I'm wondering if there are still chalkboards in the rooms. I sometimes still dream of being in the classroom delivering a lecture, this one more brilliant than ever (so I know it's a dream!).

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