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July 26, 2016


Dale Hoyt

My mother used Calomine lotion which didn't do much to relieve the itch. My grandmother used the nail polish method. I remember it stung worse than the itch for an instant and then the itch came back. Henry Fitch used flowers of sulfur dusted into his socks. He kept a huge container on his porch and everyone doing research at the Natural History Reservation (now the Fitch NHR) used the stuff.

Janice Pulliam

Dac, tell them about your chigger finder!--the flat black thing you gave me.

Dac Crossley Jr.

Will they continue all summer for you?


Shirley J White

Ah, one of my favorite pet peeves! Some years they are worse than others, not only in number but in the intensity of the annoyance. Sometimes I really feel sorry for newcomers who haven't been warned! We have had them since April 1 again this year and they are hungry.

Lesley A. Diehl

I used to go fishing in Wisconsin with my grandparents, and I always got chiggers there along with ticks. Grandma treated both with nail polish, and as you indicated, it didn't work. I like the single malt idea best. My grandparents stopped inviting me along to fish when I started catching more than my grandfather did. He was pretty thin-skinned about his fishing prowess.

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