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February 08, 2016



I don't get chickadees, and I miss them. I have plenty of chipping sparrows in their little red hats, and bossy cardinals and even blustery bluebirds. But not a single chickadee dee dee.

Jan Okey

Enjoy your new binoculars Dac. They sound wonderful.

Janice Pulliam

Last week we went to White Water Draw near Wilcox, AZ and saw plenty of Sandhill Cranes.

Lesley A. Diehl

I've been watching the birds that come to the canal we live on in Florida during the winter months. This year we have a family of limpkins, several wood storks, two cormorants, an anhinga (he's always here)and some assorted herons, white and blue. Bird life is wonderful here.

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