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January 30, 2016


Jan Okey

Hope the flu has flown Dac. Enjoy your blog so much. NO
Italian restaurants in your town ? OMG

Janice Pulliam

The Hispanic ladies at Patagonia's Catholic church make beef tamales every December to sell to benefit the church. This past Christmas time I was invited to help. It was really fun, I met some new people, and I brought home a couple dozen tamales for the freezer. Yum! Have to be careful of those pits in the olives, though!


I think I'd like your mother. Cooking has always been a chore for me. Luckily, Wayne likes to cook, except on those occasions when he doesn't and would prefer I wear 'an apron and carpet slippers.' Hope you're getting better. It's going to be spring soon.


Hey, any local source for Wolf Brand Chili...at the risk of starting "that debate" I assume you are a no beans chili Texan?



I enjoyed reading this blog. Brought back bits of memories relating to food and eating in my childhood growing up in Northeast Detroit just south of 8 Mile road

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