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June 08, 2015


Aiden Smith

This is going to effect on Global warming issue. We should take care of nature before its too late.

J. R. Lindermuth

I'm not in favor of losing anymore critters. We've lost too many already. Broke my heart last week when I had to say 'yes' to removing a beautiful magnolia tree because it was endangering the historic powder magazine at the historical society.

Lesley A. Diehl

This is not about insects, but I noticed something very odd when we returned this year to upstagte New York. We've always enjoyed the many crows we have around here especially watching them bath so merrily in our stream. This year, however, I saw only two in the early Spring and now there are none. I asked several of my friends who know birds, but they didn't notice them not being here so they couldn't tell me what had happened. I miss them.

Elizabeth Franklin Chilson

Hi Dac
In Brazil we have a list of endangered species:

If you go to page 6, you can see the invertebrates...

Shirley J White

That depends on how many you have!
Mama Washed us in lye soap and then dabbed on CampoPhenique.

Dac Crossley Jr.

Hey! Chiggers arent thatbad.

What did your mother do for your chigger bites? Mine rubbed on butter and salt...


Irene Black

Bless the chigger's heart, it is alive and doing well. Will be running your article sometime in July (after the fourth. Have a new book coming sometime in the next few weeks, Game of Death.

Bill Stroud

Plentiful bees here in Germany. Lots of beekeepers, too. Many locals sell honey door to door. My garden is musical with the sounds of buzzing. Like you, I find the symbiosis of plants and insects fascinating.

Shirley J White

Thanks for this "food for thought."
A beekeeper in the next town says his bees did not decline since he stopped transporting them.
Wish the chigger was endangered.

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