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February 18, 2015


Marja McGraw

As usual, a fascinating post. About the snow -- We had snow that actually stuck here in Bullhead City, Arizona. According the the newspaper, this was a first.

jan Okey

Grew up in Wis. & winter - sledding, skiing,
ice skating etc. Never cold.....times change-
Now prefer temps. over 50 & under 90
please. But, snow is beautiful is you don't
have to be out in it.....Stay warm

Irene Black

We're still digging out, may be able to get to town on Sat.
I made snow cream last night, Ford had never eaten it. He's a Yankee so maybe snow cream is a southern tradition as we have the light, fluffy, dry snow that makes the best ice cream so seldom.

Eileen Obser

I enjoyed reading the history you shared here. As for snow, we've had far too much here on eastern Long Island (New York). I'm ready to move to Georgia or Texas or anywhere warm!

Lesley A. Diehl

We're glad to be in southern Florida where there is no snow, but it is colder than usual (i know I'll get no sympathy from my northern friends!)

J. R. Lindermuth

Much to my chagrin, I've dealt with snow most of my life--here in Pennsylvania, in Korea and (yes), even in Georgia when I reported for MP training and mistakenly thought I was coming to the sunny South. Despite the familiarity, I prefer it in a photo from elsewhere.

Dac Crossley Jr.

Didnt see much snow - until I went to Lubbock (Texas Tech) with Larry. And then Lawrence, Kansas. And then East Tennessee. I have not had to lie on my back and put on tire chains, here in Georgia.


shirley white

Thanks for the Texas History reminder. There was not much snow in my childhood, either. Not enough to dread it. Now I am glad I don't have to deal with it. Must have been miserable to have to camp out in such weather.

Patricia Gligor

Snow? You mean the "S" word, Dac? I wouldn't mind watching it on TV, like you, but I sure don't enjoy shoveling it!


I loved this phrase: “Mother, what’s snow for it you can’t play in it?”... I went to play last week at Stone Mountain. We had a lot of fun!

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