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December 30, 2014


Irene Black

One thing you forgot are all those paper files. They are heavy and tear holes in plastic bags you put out to the garbage.
Our precious research, tax records, old checks, letters, cards,etc.
What ever else you've stuck in drawers & filing cabinets.

Irene Black

The library ladies hate to see me coming in the door with more books for their sale.
I agree and will agree more since next week I have to pack up some of that china so they can lay new hardwood floors.
Don't want to put someone else through the misery I've experience having to dismantle someone's life.
Thanks for the shot in the arm.

Eileen Obser

Excellent advice, Dac. I'm printing this out and taking it to my senior (five are in their 80s) memoir writing students next month. We'll have a very good discussion, I'm sure. Happy New Year to you!

Velda Brotherton

Oh, so true. We did this about 18 months ago and our small abode is so much easier to live in. I still have some things I can't part with. Top of the list are all the autographed books I've acquired over these many years. Someone else will have to dispose of them. Not I. Thanks Dac and hope you have a lovely 2015 as we're all hoping for.

Stephen Lodge

Happy New Year, Dac. Hope to see you in Lubbock this June.

Jan okey

Wishing you a wonderful 2015. Wonderful
advice. I'm downsizing as well. Agonizing
at first - gets easier - joy in giving things
away. Takes awhile to get priorities in order.
Fill each day with whatever makes you
happiest and interested . This day will
not come again.

Dac Crossley Jr.

Happy New Year, Wally. Lets make 2015 a spectacular one..


Wally Eberhard

Good advice..a framework for another good year...age well, my friends...

Patricia Gligor

My motto is: Keep It Simple. That's what downsizing helps us to do. I'm a firm believer that our "stuff" bogs us down. I'm still in the sixties age range but I've already been living by this philosophy for several years.
Happy New Year, Dac!

shirley white

Really good advice. Downsizing is hard for me but I am working on it.


Lovely Dac...

Sam James

Hey Dac,
I am glad to have been one of those 60ish whippersnappers for you, and will do it again willingly.
To anyone with impedimenta problems, I suggest craigslist. Stuff moves with astonishing rapidity. It helps to live close to some sort of population center but even Iowa City is enough.


Chris Antenen

I'm heeding your advice, Dac, but began before I read it. My gifts to Good Will are more valuable now. What once I valued I give willingly and hope that the one who finds it is as pleased as I once was, especially a group of three cages, hand made of walnut, wire bent to hold birds. China, silver, crystal -- I give it away now and with some joy, finding that giving is much more fun than getting.

Luckily I have young people in my family who will probably value the wooden coffee mill that belonged to my grandparents, so there are a few things I'll hold for them. I keep in mind that as my grandchildren get older they may look at my heavy lead crystal sugar and creamer set and marvel that it was a wedding gift to my mother in 1917.

I believe in them and even as I grow to understand and appreciate their 'less is more' life styles, I think nostalgia visits every generation. I wonder who will claim the 'Little Professor' Texas Instruments calculator from the seventies!

My last bout with arthritis turned into a bout with gout. It disappeared as quickly as it attacked, so I'm wary, but willing to claim a royal heritage, so I must get 'out and about' as much as I can. I don't have your cabin, Dac, but I can still get cabin fever.

Happy 2015

Celia Yeary

I love your advice. We definitely need to downsize but can't figure our where or how. It's complicated.
We have been out and about all over Europe many times, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, and much of the U.S. So our "out and about" is church and Wal-Mart...and of course those doctor's offices.
Thanks for the great advice. If I could live in a cabin like you do, I would love it.
Have a Happy New Year's Day, and look forward to a wonderful 2015.

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