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October 09, 2014


Dac Crossley Jr.

Restlessness. Not bad; that would fit Sam pretty well. For all of his life.


Irene Black

Questions with no answers. Few historical personages ever made comments about their motives or reasoning. Good post that makes one wonder.

Chris Antenen

Hi, Dac, we missed you Wednesday.

We had a friend, a very close friend, that Wayne always called Yellow Rose. She was from Texas and she fit the song, but maybe not the real person. She was a character in her own right. I've read this blog of yours a couple of times and enjoyed it - made me curious. I know nothing about Sam Houston, but a word keeps coming to my mind from your 'why' questions about him. Restless.

Celia Yeary

Hi, Dac. I like your new website. Congratulations on that--it's really "you."
Clean cut and authentic.
About Sam Houston. I've also read and wondered along with so many others about Sam Houston's real intentions, especially on the RunAway Scrape. Some believe it was cowardice--I see it as heroic, placing his own reputation on the line to save the lives of, oh, so many Texans, young, old, babies, even. We'll never know, will we.
And Emily? That story, too has many variations.
In the end we can chose which we believe, whether it's good or bad, and move on. Good post. Thanks!

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