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August 27, 2014


Janice Pulliam

When I took Biology 101 at Duke, we had a lab using the Berlese Funnel. One of my friends was in a different lab section from me and so she had a different T. A.. Hers set up the Berlese Funnel upside down, so their whole lab exercise was ruined. He was a brilliant man and a Harvard grad, too. We thought that was hilarious.

Lesley A. Diehl

You just write the most amazing blogs. I always learn something I didn't know I wanted to know...but I do!

shirley white

Looks like an interesting project. And a perfect place to set it up!

Jan okey

This is a great Berlese funnel set up. When
you are not trying to extract small anthropods ....how else could this set-up be
used ? you want to maximize the usage of
the equipment. Moonshine maybe ? Keep
thinking. Loved the quote - however - it's
what you learn after you THINK you know it
all that counts. That's an A-HA moment -
and, may we never know it all ! All the
questioning would stop . Not good.

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