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August 19, 2014


Jackie | Fallow Deer Hunting

For a lot of people, cars became essentials and I must say that this could be due to the kind of lifestyle they live. It is also very convenient if a car is available right away, especially if there are unplanned travels that you have to make.

shirley white

We had a 1939 Pontiac until 1954. Served us well until a drunk saw two cars and tried to go between them.
It was parked on the street.

Jan okey

Great photo -congrats on latest book -
what's with Phil Hughes Honda - why not a
loaner car ???? Hang lose - As you head for
your cabin - might need to consider a
horse . We are all a work in progress. You
have many cheerleaders here in the world .
You go Dac.

Celia Yeary

Love that photo! Is your hair curly? Wow, you had a thick head of hair, and very handsome, too.
I've often thought about the Nineteen Century in old England, the rolling countryside, where everyone walked everywhere. But you stop and think, and much of the area was not much bigger then the division I live in called Country Estates (they're not really Estates--just a fancy name.)Anywhere in the West, we must have a car--or then, a horse. My grandparents never owned a car, and still drove a wagon to haul the milk cans, pulled by a pair of mules--Kit and Jude.
I looked at your book on Amazon--looks great, and congratulations! May you sell tons! Celia

Chris Antenen

Remind me to tell you sometime how my son Wes gave away my age.

Chris Antenen

Love that picture, DAC. looks new to me. The last car we had was a 32 Dodge.

We had a bus system and could go anyplace in Galesburg, Illinois on a dime. Not a big city, just a town.

There's a picture on my blog in 'Child of the Thirties' of me with a 'horse' I made to pull my wagon, and behind me is our Model T. I'm very nostalgic about those days, DAC.

My dad was an upholsterer, and could always fix the car, and the neighbors car, and all the kids in the neighborhood came to have him fix their bikes - free. My sisters and I all inherited that ability to fix things. Not cars unfortunately.

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