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April 14, 2014


Jan okey

Most interesting. I have no doubt - not all
brave women live in Texas - then or now.
Thanks Dac.

Marja McGraw

This post inspired me, Dac. There's so much Texas history I'm not familiar with, and you bring it to life. Thank you!


I read the last few sentences with a lump in my throat. I’ve strived as mother to raise strong daughters. Giving them names of strong women in history. Thank you for reminding me, that our strength is something we don’t necessary know we have until it is tested.

Chris Antenen

Yes, Janice!
I was pullimg for those women all the way. Here's a twist. I forgot it was real.

Celia Yeary

Very good. I wrote about Dilue Rose in the Runaway Scrape. I have a book filled with brave Texas women who helped settle Texas.Thanks.


I believe your historian mother would totally agree with you!

Janice Pulliam

I believe men would do worse without women and women would do worse without men. We can all do what we need to do alone when we have to, but it's a heck of a lot more fun when we do it together.

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