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April 29, 2014



Geez Dac, you really know how to elect'm in the 10th. A fundamentalist who supports marriage - and has been married four times to prove it. An MD who doesn't believe in embryology? And both anti-evolution and anti-Big Bang. Well, I guess those are consistent with his beliefs anyway.

Nice to see Darwin got a respectable number of write-in votes at the last election.

Jan okey

Many thanks Dac. You are ahead of the curve. We live in a complicated world - stay
alert. Goodby Mr. Broun (I hope) May our weather stay calm . Keep us posted. Please
know you are appreciated.

Kevin Leftwich

Don't get hit by Margaret Hamilton!

Sam James

Years ago I wanted to honor a Mexican with the naming of a new genus of earthworms, so I chose Zapatadrilus as the name. It is good to see that I chose the best of a questionable lot. anyhow, remember the dire proverb: "we get the politicians we deserve."

Chris Antenen

Hit the nail on the head, Dac, and to compound our problem with unwanted phone calls, we're planning to buy a car. We got on the computer to look yesterday and got a call while we were looking. They make you give them phone number and email userid before you can get to anything meaningful on the website, like price.
The sad part is what you pointed out, that getting into office is like putting them through a process that corrupts -- sooner or later.

J. R. Lindermuth

Hope you can avoid those funnel clouds.
One of my on again, off again projects is a novel about Madero and his dreadful successor, Huerta.
As to Broun, it astonishes me how a science denier can get a seat on the science committee.

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