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March 02, 2014


Marja McGraw

Your posts always amaze and fascinate me, Dac. I'll have to tell my husband to get out the telescope. Thank you!

Jan okey

You're quite the astronomer. As a child I thought all the stars were in Wisconsin. Shooting stars were most exciting - We
had northern lights that put on great shows.
Texas A & M also provided endless skies for
star gazing.......Cabin in the hills. Go Dac !

Dac Crossley Jr.

No - it just means that her garments are not defined by stars --


Janice Pulliam

I've always loved Orion---didn't know his belt was the only item of clothing in the constellations. Does that mean Cassiopea is naked?

Art McKee

There is a great natural history museum in my small home town in Vermont. The director of that would set up a telescope in the museum's dark back yard on a regular basis and all were invited to search the stars with him. Which I did along with a few of my friends. He'd point out the constellations and offer the legends as we'd take turns looking at whatever he'd focused on in the 'scope. A wonderful childhood memory and education. Bass fishing with my Dad and uncles was another venue for star gazing and stories.

J. R. Lindermuth

When we were kids (back in the age of Sputnik when the U.S. was just beginning space exploration) naming the constellations was a game we played. Probably not something today's kids are into--even if city lights allow.
Hmph, just noticed my eldest grandson shares a birthday with Sam Houston.

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