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October 29, 2013


Eileen Obser

I haven't heard the terms "porch music" or "kitchen music" so now I can add these to my vocabulary. On Saturday evenings, I love listening to American Roots with Nick Spitzer as I'm driving back from the college. I love that music, and just about all kinds of music. Thanks, Dac.

Janice Pulliam

yes, washing the dishes is a very endearing trait

J. R. Lindermuth

My parents and my sister all made music. I mostly listened. The only instrument I play is the radio (and I get static on that).
We call it porch music here, but I like the kitchen link. Those old timey songs connect better than much modern music.

Dac Crossley Jr.

Weve done porch and deck, and even (in the rain) garage. But the Freemans have such a nice kitchen - huge - we can sit in a circle very comfortably. Bud (my son-in-law) plays a mean bluegrass fiddle. Daughter Mary plays doghouse bass. Athens is full of guitar, mandolin, banjo players. Im the oldest in the group (by far) and can bring in some old-time songs on occasion (Mairzy Doats, W. C. Handy blues, etc.).

Popcorn and beer, often homemade.


Irene Black

Kitchen music is a new term, here it's called 'porch music.' But do understand it as the kitchen was sure to have heat during the winter. The wreck of the old 97 is a standard in c/w circles. Good blog

Jan okey

Enjoyed hearing about "kitchen music." I
hadn't heard the term before. Good things
happen in kitchens - brings everyone

Celia Yeary

Good morning, Dac. I enjoyed your Kitchen Music explanation--something I've never heard of.
I should tell my husband what you have over the kitchen sink. I haven't washed dishes in nearly 20 years...and that's a fact. I cook, he cleans the kitchen...and get a little perturbed if I try to re-clean or touch up here and there.
When I have women over for coffee or Bible study, we eat and drink coffee. Invariably, someone will say, Oh, let me help you with the dishes. I answer, "No, that's okay. I have a dishwasher."

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