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November 14, 2012


Tyler agent

Thanks for the post, and I've also have seen a lot of my neighbors put in metal chain link fences to keep out the wildlife so they can make sure that their garden stays protected. But what they don't realize is that deer and other wildlife can jump very high, so I don't know quite how much work it can do.

Eileen Obser

I live in an area where so many people put up tall fences to keep out the deer -- a very large population. I deliberately don't fence myself in because I feel sorry for the deer. But I also can't plant any of the stuff they like to eat, except in a low-fenced area meant for the dog. Sometimes the deer just jump over that, eat all some hostas, euonymous, etc. and take off. Oh well.

Drew Barty

I am thinking about this and I believe this will be a good source of attraction not only for my family but for my friends and relatives as well.

Bill Stroud

Not sure I agree with Bobby Frost on this one. Not sure about the neighbor part, but fences do keep the dogs out....cats, not so much.

Caroline Clemmons

Good post, Dac. I hadn't heard about the controversy between Georgia and Tennessee over the boundary.

Celia Yeary

Hi, Dac--you know there's been a long battle between the South Plains and Panhandle of Texas, and the New Mexico state line. NM claims we have a thin strip, N to S, of their land and they want it back. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams that Texas would give that up? And redraw the Texas map up there? Not on your life--talk about a line in the sand, or the proverbial Mexican stand-off.

We have three acres outside the city limits. We have a county road.Our property is surrounded by barbed wire fencing with some of the very old cedar posts, and the others those metal kind. The barbed wire is so old it's brittle and sometimes cracks. Jim wants to take it down on the front of our property, but I won't let him. Not because I want that protection, but because there are taller posts that make a great entrance for our long concrete driveway.
And on the sides and back--none of the three neighbors have cleared their lots like we have, removing trash shrubs and cactus, and we want that delineation. Good topic!

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