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November 28, 2012



I spent the last couple of months rereading all of the Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler short stories and novels. I've done this every five years or so for the last couple of decades. Unfortunately, neither author was prolific, but neither was prosaic either.


I was able to find good info from your blog articles.

Sally Carpenter

I've read William's book--great stuff! My special shelf isn't so high-minded or literary as the rest of you. I have the "Holmes on the Range" series by Steve Hockensmith, "The Columbo Collection" by William Link, the complete Sherlock Holmes canon, my Beatles and Monkees biographies, books about my favorite TV shows (including one on "Mission: Impossible" signed by Peter Graves!), and a slew of Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys/Trixie Beldon. Low brow but fun!

john m. daniel

Dac, a special bookshelf is full of treasure. Mine includes The Thirteen Clocks, by James Thurber; The Trojan Horse, by Christopher Moreley; the river novels of Richard Bissell; and the complete works of Louise Erdrich.

John Brantingham

I've got Jeri Westerson's Crispin Guest books up on that shelf. My newest discovery and I love them.

William Doonan

Dac,my copy of Gods, Graves & Scholars is so worn, it has nothing left that could honestly be described as a cover. It's one of the greats, and certainly part of why I became an archaeologist!

Barney Cornaby

Dac, your habit of savoring the best books of each year is a good one. My own form of your habit is to identify them and keep using them. For 2011 & 2012,there are a few books that changed me and I pass along three such wonderful books: A to Z by Paul Smith(a novel way to show an autobiography), Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller and others (the best bakery cook book ever), and The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick (perfect explantion of the various levels of order in the world and a class movie).

Patricia Gligor

We all have our favorites, books that we'll keep forever. I have four of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels, Gone With The Wind and all of Mary Higgins Clark's novels plus several others. Precious keepsakes!

Bill Stroud

Books are truly marvelous things that affect us in special ways. I also have a slew of books I won't part with. The inspire, they teach, they make me think.

J. R. Lindermuth

Another of my early favorites, Dac. And how about Hyatt-Verrill and Victor von Hagen? They also inspired my interest in archaeology as a youth.

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