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September 13, 2012



Just bought a new laptop, not sure whether you can find a way to consider firefox bookmarks from old laptop to new laptop.. . Thanks..



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Dac Crossley Jr.

Could be. Wilber Duncan (in Duncan and Foote - Wildflowers of the Southeastern US) just lists it as Viguera (page 212). Scientific name is Viguera porteri.

Maybe you have Rudbeckias. Theyre in bloom right now. Black-eyed Susans.


irene black

Confederate daisy may be the bright yellow flowers I see up and down the highway swarming where road construction has bared the rocks. There isn't enough soil left to support a catcus.


Add sunflowers in Kansas to the list!

Lindsay Boring

Hooray Dac, a locust borer! I havent seen one in a few years but it has been a few since you and I were working with locust trees at Coweeta. Thanks for the goldenrod bouquet with all the decorations!


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