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July 28, 2012


Lyn Horner

Great post, Dac. I've been to Galveston in summer. It is indeed hot and humid. Quite a few years have passed since my last visit to the island, but I still recall the huge oleanders marching down the main street into town. So beautiful! I hope they survived Ike.


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Marja McGraw

You write some of the most interesting blogs, and meeting with old friends sounds like it was the frosting on the cake. There's nothing like seeing something firsthand. Thanks for sharing.

Jan okey

Enjoyed your trip vicariously. Best part of high school reunions are the memories. We pick & choose what to remember - all the good things. I'm intrigued. How to go thru airports & keep shoes on ? Please advise.
Looking forward to your book.

Marjorie Furr

I entered the hospital about Mar. 15th and then rehab where I've been until this past Thursday. (Details uninportant.) The downstairs of the house has been changed to accomadate my wheelchair and rolling walker. The good thing is that the food was so bad that I lost 20 pounds. Since the wheelchair was ordered for the "new" me, I have to be really careful not to gain it back.
I've spend this afternoon catching up with your blog writings and comments since March. So glad to be able to get back to my computer again. Must keep walking and exercizing, however.

Eileen Obser

Revenge of the Texas Ranger - I like the title. Janice reminds me of Glen Campbell's lovely song and yes, the strong winds. Great that you traveled there to complete your research. Good luck with the book!

J. R. Lindermuth

I'm sure Jean will speak to you when he's ready. You're probably right. The heat kept him quiet. Looking forward to the book.

Janice Pulliam

The song "Galveston" that Glen Campbell sings mentions those strong winds. They must be a salient characteristic of the place. I've never been there. Who or what was Galvez? Sounds like somebody significant if the town and hotel were named after them.

irene black

Yep. got to get the ole boots in the sand to have a feel, smell, and sense of place. Waiting for next book.
I'm watching my neighbor spruce up his yard after last night,s storms. They just celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. We've gotten to half that.
It'll be fun to see what happens when his wife catches him. Though it is cooler than it has been for a while.

Patricia Gligor

Dac, I'm with you - For me, in order to create a setting for a novel, I need to experience it first-hand. It's not all about the facts; it's the ambiance of a place.

Celia Yeary

Sounds wonderful, Dac. I wish I could be there, too. I've never been in the Galvez hotel. Good luck and best wishes for your book to come to a rousing conclusion!

shirley white

Thanks for the memory trip to Galvestson. Looking forward to the new book!

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