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July 19, 2012


Mike Long

'Nuther solid blog, Dac. I'm looking forward to the next book.

Eileen Obser

Yes, Dac send us some pictures - and not just of a taco! Hope you're enjoying Galveston.

irene black

You are only a pirate when you end up on the wrong side of history. Have a wonderful time with your onsight research. Looking forward to the new book.

Jan okey

Enjoy your trip to Galveston Island - Don't
forget your hat AND sunblock. Standing by
for followup report AND the book.

J. R. Lindermuth

My favorite pirate. Sounds like a must read.


Go ahead, Dac!!!

shirley white

I will love to read the new book! Galveston is a magical place and will provide you with a very good story. Enjoy the trip!

Patricia Gligor

Galveston Island sounds like a wonderful setting for your new book. Best of luck!

Dac Crossley

Bill - I should have included a picture. You do in your travels. Maybe I'll bring back a picture of a taco...

Bill Stroud

Interesting post, as always. I've associated Jean Lafitte with New Orleans and had no idea he'd strayed into Texas, that magnet of American history. Thanks!

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