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July 14, 2012


kitti Reynolds

i read the same authors, plus Andre Norton. Wrote letters to Isaac Asimov when i was a kid, and he replied!
I used to crawl out of bed and read the Bobsey twins by holding the book under my nightlight. Thanks, DAC, for bringing back good memories.

Eileen Obser

Interesting blog as usual, Dac. I don't recall ever being interested in science fiction, but whatever it takes to develop an interest in reading is okay with me. I've had students writing about horror and vampires but, curiously, no science fiction. Yet. Thanks for your blog.

Sally Carpenter

I was an avid SF reader as a kid but that was probably inspired by classic Star Trek and the other SF TV shows that were on in the 1960s. And we had the real-life drama of the NASA space program that was doing interesting things back then. To infinity and beyound!

Dac Crossley

My mother, a teacher, read Treasure Island to her class, a chapter a day. One day a lad misbehaved, and for punishment Mom said, 'no chapter today."

Some class members beat up the misbehaver after school. Mom never skipped a reading after that.

irene black

I would read to my six grade class after lunch. New book in the school library by John Christopher, To The White Mountains. Started reading it,each time I'd come to the end of a chapter they would beg for one more and drag their chairs closer to my desk. I read the entire afternoon, and finished the book just before the bell rang. I don't think anyone suffered a lack of education.

Theresa Varela

Dac, you reminded me that my older sister and I sat in front of the television watching black and white Jules Verne movies on the days we weren't reading. The last science fiction I read was Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series several years back. Loved them.

Lesley Diehl

I used to love science fiction. Maybe I should get back to some of that and take a break from murder!

Dac Crossley

Thanks, Art, I will do that!


Dac -- Did your sci fi list include, 'Voyage of the Space Beagle' by AE van Vogt, an early 50s novel? If not, give it a try and discover Nexialism (a type of systems ecology), as well as the basis for some Star Trek episodes and the movie Alien. For many years, I had NEXIALIST posted on my office door.

shirley white

Thanks for this. You had a wise mother and grandmother.

Dan Hagan

Great points, reading is fundamental/ pivotal to absorbing the vast knowledge out there - both in our solar system and beyond... ! Glad that "you became a budding scientist, and convinced that you’d get to see these wonders" and would help to introduce them to your students, too. Glad your mom & g-mother Baird took the time to get the reading fires started.


Great! Just in time for Bud Freeman's birthday. Thanks for the recommendation! (I think i still have my cat-in-the-hat certificate for reading my first book).

Patricia Gligor

You made an important point: when children are introduced to books early on, they usually become readers.
My parents read to me when I was too young to read to myself but, once I learned how to read, well, I've never stopped!

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