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June 14, 2012



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irene black

Also did my dissertation on a manual. Found some carbon paper that had lines on a side bar and marked with red pen when to stop for 1, 2, or 3 footnotes.
Never dreamed what was in the future.

Mary Antenen

How do you do it, Dac? I'm reminiscing, too. Had an 'upright' Royal that I typed theses on for money in college. I think it was 45 cents a page. Orig and 4 onion skin copies and oh how I hated to make mistakes, erasing all those copies with an eraser and a little metal shield. No air conditioning, so I typed with the window open and a little tiny fan sitting there. I also wrote my first stories on that typewriter in Athens. I think it rode here from Florida in our Morris Minor with the dog, and all my plants, said car hooked with a tow bar to the back of a Toyota station wagon that spewed water out of the back windshield wiper with a beautiful arc.
Oh, and don't forget the ribbons that were red AND black. What a mess they made. What's next Dac? I just took apart some boxes in the basement to recycle and some of those shoe boxes were like caskets. I think I need to buy cheaper shoes.
Do cars in Texas next, Dac, or pets. So many true, really funny stories in every family about cars and/or pets, especially cats.

Dac Crossley Jr.

God to hear from you, Maggie. Hope to get down your way one of these days - find a book fair - sign a few and drink a few --


Maggie Toussaint

Hi Dac,

We still own a typewriter. My husband hung onto it when we moved south thinking he would need it to fill out forms, etc. Now all the forms come online, so the thing is gathering dust on a shelf.

On another note, I was on Sapelo a week or so ago and got to see the Dac-mobile up close and personal. Nice horns, and great advertising, BTW!

Take care my friend, Maggie

Eileen Obser

Good topic, Dac. Lucky that a friend of a certain age brought it up!

I never had carpal tunnel syndrome when using a manual typewriter - neither did any other typists of that era, as far as I know.

I actually have carbon paper in my supplies cabinet AND sets -- carbon plus white attached sheet of paper. Never use it, but maybe I should donate it to the Smithsonian?

Andrea J. Yates

A wonderful portable manual typewriter - clean and in perfect working order - was donated to the charity thrift shop where I volunteer. All of us "of a certain age" hope that someone will buy it and compose something delightful on it...

Raul duke

carbon paper may still be available, but is probably toxic....I just had to prove my age to but a can of spray paint @ Lowes, safety first!

Sally Carpenter

I learned touch typing on a manual typewriter and went through undergrad with a portable machine. What I hated was using liquid correction fluid--it always smeared on the other letters and I had to wait ages for it to dry. But those machines are great for typing labels and letter envelopes--I could never get those items to work in a computer printer.
Sally Carpenter

kitti Reynolds

We still have a portable manual typewriter in the garage. I think Lee envisions doing some writing in a little cabin sans electricity someday!

J. R. Lindermuth

Oh, yes, I remember those days. I still have the Remington my parents bought for me as I entered high school and they realized I wasn't going to give up on scratching out stories.


took a summer class in typing as a high school freshman and almost all of my jobs since 1960 have involved me needing to type.

I did the initial drafts of my dissertation on my own typewriter (can't remember if it was manual or electric). Just before I was to submit my final for the committee and publication I found someone who did professional "word processing".

The great part was when the committee made its corrections they were extremely simple to correct and reprint.

A few years later I did my wife's initial draft on my IBM PCjr. Then recommended that she use the same wordprocessor for her final.

BTW you still can buy carbon paper....



I'm considerably younger than you Dac, but I still had typewriting classes in middle school on just such a machine as you describe. I remember typing papers in high school on special paper they'd give us that made one or two copies on the yellow paper you describe.

Found memories, but I'd never want to go back. Word processing software makes typing far more efficient. Although I wonder if my horrible spelling might be improved if I didn't have spell check to easily and quickly alert me about spelling errors.

Bill Stroud

Those good ol, bad ol days. Staying up all night typing. Making changes and having to start all over. Finishing up just in time to hand it to the professor, who no doubt felt a few more changes were in order. Viva los electronicos!

Patricia Gligor

I remember getting ink all over my fingers when I changed the ribbon on a typewriter but I loved the sound of the keys striking the paper.
Then, I moved on to a word processor, which I thought was just the greatest thing, and finally I bought a computer, mostly because I needed a machine that would count words. I didn't realize back then how much I would come to rely on a computer.

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