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May 04, 2012


Shirley White

You speak wisely.

Celia Yeary

Dac--I never blog about politics, either, or religion. I don't even put my opinions about those on FB, and I cannot discuss either with friends..it's the fastest way to kill a friendship.
Before the last election, I did get in a heavy conversation with a long-time friend, who in the past was on the same side as I. But she changed for the last election and tried very, very hard to make me see her view. I kept saying...no.
Finally, she said, "Can't you just give him a chance?" Okay, I said, I'll give him a chance--but I won't vote for him.
Well, I honestly did give him and his group a chance.
Lord, we are in a scary mess. (I hope this doesn't start an argument--it's just for you.)

Patricia Gligor

These are confusing times! Gee, I wonder how many generations have said those words. It's difficult to know what or who to believe anymore but I'm sure that's always been true too.

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