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May 05, 2012


Melanie Jackson

It's a bit past cinco, but I very much enjoyed your history of the special day, plus all the hungry- and thirsty-making descriptions of how you intended to celebrate it. Thank you!

Eileen Obser

Very nice, reading this! We have so many Latinos on the South Fork of L.I., where I live, that there were many celebrations over the weekend. The day is not just for Mexicans. A lot of commerce and advertising was mixed in with this; businesses all wanting to cash in. I love that Cinco de Mayo is on all our wall calendars now. I never heard of it until perhaps 12 years ago. Not even when I had a Mexican American boyfriend out heremany years before that.
Cheers and Happy (belated) Holiday!

Dan Hagan

Hi Dac,
Wow, what a wonderful lesson on history of our Texas - Mexican neighbors. Having taken one of your graduate courses - yes, you are a great professor; even better as mentor - scholar between classes. Carpe Diem the 5th of May and Beyond!

ira guy

I always love Dac's sense of humor. I bet he held the attention of his students in class!

Julian Baird

Another good one, DAC! Now I know what "Cinco de Mayo" really is, and also the history of a lot of the food and drink I do on this and other Tex-Mex occasions. Mostly, though, I eat Tex-Mex things from hand down recipes my mother learned to cook from spending time with the mothers of children of migrant laborers when she was growing up in South Texas. Good stuff.

Keep it up. cousin. You're doing all of us a great service with these blogs!


Dac, (I committed by it did not go through) thank you for the history lesson, you are always on top of important issues. So glad that you are a member of the Posse.
In the novel "Mistress of Fanaman" the character of Maximillan and his wife played an important role to the main character Charlotte Demerayes. augie


Dac, thanks again for the history lesson. You are always on top.
In the novel "Mistress of Fanaman" Maximillan and his wife are important to the main character's history. Augie

Mike D.

Nice article, Dac...I'll try to remember that business about the German Margarita, that's cool.

Speaking of German/Mexican connections...Cinco de Mayo is alive and well in Green Bay, WI, where an awful lot of Oaxacan and Jalisco spanish is spoken (thanks to tough, low-paying dairy and meat-packing jobs).

Janice Pulliam

Genie, Irwin, and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo last year eating at an Italian restaurant in Athens, GA because there was an hour wait at the Mexican restaurant we went to first. Makes for a good memory. Hope you get to La Fiesta early!
Maybe Ron and I will go to the Italian restaurant in Sonoita tonight. They're serving both margaritas and mint juleps in honor of the double holiday. Have fun!

Caroline Clemmons

Cinco de Mayo is featured on my blog today also. I hope I get to celebrate with Tex-Mex food.

Patrick Bohlen

🌵I am torn between having a marguarita for Cinco de Mayo, or having a mint julep for Derby Day. I think I'll stick with my bourbon martini and sing bars of "My Old Kentucky Home". Maybe I' celebrate both. I heard they don'T actually make a big deal about it in Mexico?

Angelica Reyna-Bland

Sorry, I meant to say Dac not Doc

Angelica Reyna-Bland

Doc, being full blood Mexican born in Texas in 1941, I sure enjoyed the education about “El Cinco de Mayo” and about the food and drinks’ origins. All I remember about my roots when I went to school in Mercedes (the Queen city of the Valley), Texas is that my ancestors landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Ha, ha.

Celia Yeary

Ole!Have a margarita for me.



thank you for the history of Cinco de Mayo, very international history.

I have already committed to go see a magic performance of Scott Medine and his partner in Lawrenceville. Perhaps there will be a Mexican restaurant near where they are performing.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Lauro F. Cavazos

History lesson well done, Dac. Zaragosa Seguin's birthplace is directly across the road from Presidio La Bahia in Goliad. Both places are worth the visit.

Robert Coulson

Hello Dac:
Good work. You're a great Texan.

Patricia Gligor

I wonder how many people have any knowledge of the origin of Cinco de Mayo. For most, it seems to be just another excuse to party! Oh well, why not? Enjoy your fajitas and margaritas!

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