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April 18, 2012


Susanne Drazic

Stopping by to say hello! Interesting post.

Eileen Obser

I love all this history you provide for us, Dac. I loved history in school but didn't remember about Sam Houston's army and that April 21 battle.


Dac thank you for reminding us about Americana, I'm sure many schools no longer teach as we were once taught. Keep on writing and taking us back to a time of this country's vast wealth of history even though we are not very old (as the Greeks and other cultures). You're doing a phenomenal job. Augie

Celia Yeary

Nothing closes, and all our kids learn about Mexico is Cinco de Mayo, and it's not even a Texas nor US holiday. Ah, well, it does provide music, food, and fun all day.
Did you read about the young man last month who urinated on the Alamo. He is in deep trouble right now. I don't know who caught him, but if one of the Daughters did, she'd turn him over her knee for a good paddling.

Mike Long

I love your stuff, Dac. Keep it coming.

Caroline Clemmons

Thanks for the reminder, Dac. Isn't that also the day we plant a tree for Earth Day?

Luella b. Wheeler-Bell

I remember. No, banks don't close.
But my Texas flag will fly!

Bill Stroud

See, Dac, now you've gone and done it. I'm actually going to have to do my own research just to answer the posed questions.

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