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April 08, 2012


Eileen Obser

Love your title, Dac! Reflection and Resurection -- perfect for a sunny Easter Sunday here on the South Fork of Long Island and, I guess, for most anywhere. Love the Bergman quote and the thought of you spending the day among your books. Happy springtime...


I spent a portion of Easter Sunday trying to teach my chicken to jump for a potato chip. Turns out she only jumps for ham.

Glad you had a good day, Dacaroo!

Mike Draney


Thanks for the tip, I will add that Sam Kean book to my wishlist. Funny, I had the same experience with Hawkings' book...I read carefully, and then decided I did not understand the damn thing. Its on my "to reread" list as well.

Take care, and happy spring. Mike D.

Janice Pulliam

Re the quote, I will quote back at you some lines from Lee Blessing's play Eleemosynary that I was just in.
"Life is a swift ascent, followed by an endless, dreamy downward nutation. One only hopes that one has risen high enough that the sights on the way down will be worth the looking."
As for eggs and bunnies, they're symbolic of new beginnings and spring. Bunnies seem to come out and be more visible when spring arrives (where are they all winter long?) Fat men can't fit down chimneys carrying bags of toys either, but we see plenty of pictures of them in a certain season. Reality is not part of holidays, except symbolically.


"The Disappearing Spoon" by Kean could well be the best piece of non-fiction I've read since Quammen's "Song of the Dodo" Both set very high standards for how to make science accessible. Have a great Easter, Dac.

Patricia Gligor

I love the quote you posted. Also, I'm happy to know that I'm just a tad past "the new forty." Heartwarming news on a beautiful Easter day! Happy Easter!

Jan okey

Happy Easter Dac. Chickens lay the eggs - who does the decorating ???? Rabbits are in
charge of distribution because they are ever so much faster than a chicken. A wonderful
system that has worked well for years & years.


Hey Dac, Good day of sunshine to you too! Your garden sounds like mine (and yard with broken lawnmower) this year. Happy reading and happy Easter.


Hey Dac,

I'm spending Easter watching the snow melt, finishing The Return of the Texas Ranger, and starting some sour cherry juice (frozen since last fall)-raisin wine. Well, maybe it will become wine, the first batch with just cherry juice turned out to be drinkable.

Happy Easter from Heather and I.


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