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April 04, 2012


Patrick Bohlen

Like 'them both. i can read kindle books on kindle, iPad, playbook, desktop--even phone! (I have them all). It allows me to track quotes, take notes and have it all ine one place. I love books too, but I increasingly prefer to read electronic, especially on lightweight, easy on the eyes kindle. Kinda ironic to ask the question on an electronic blog, don'tcha think? Either way, I am a hound for the printed word in all it's wondrous forms.

Susanne Drazic

Hi Dac. I like both print and eBooks.

Raul duke

...and then there's that unique pride in opening a treasured "ptinted" book and reliving that moment when it was signed by the Author with a personal,unique message.

Have the attempted to capture these in an e-book reasonable facsimile?

Eileen Obser

I still love the feel of a book in my hand -- or a magazine or a newspaper. Lately, I'm getting offers for free downloads of writers' books to my Kindle. But if I had one, it might just fill up with books I have no time -- and no interest, in some cases, in reading. So far, I just read books on other people's Kindles or I-pads when I'm on the Jitney, heading into NYC or on airplanes.

Caroline Clemmons

Your are correct in your blog. I plan to pursue CreateSpace so I have books to take with me that don't cost too much.

Jacquie Rogers

As a reader, there's no question at all here since I can't read print books. I have a Kindle and love it. You can flip the thing sideways and use large type size.

As an author, I like my books in print as well as digital. Yes, I make more money on ebooks, but I'm still in love with the idea of holding a print book in my hands, even if I can't read it. Also, readers should be able to buy a book in whatever format they prefer. It just makes sense.

Dac Crossley Jr.

Dang, Alan, I thought everything was available as an e-book... Well, textbooks maybe not.


Velda Brotherton

I read both, depending on where I'm at at the time. In my easy chair, it's a big fat novel, in bed it's my Kindle and one of the many E books I've downloaded. As for writing, I'm growing very fond of E books as I get older and tireder. Is that a word? Easier to promote.

Celia Yeary

All of my books and novellas are available on the Kindle, and about half are available in print. I will say, I like my Kindle--but I'm not in love with it.
The fact is they are only different ways to read. I don't believe for a minute that ebooks will replace prints anytime soon, as some predictors want us to believe. Yes, ebooks are increasing far more rapidly than prints, and that's because it's so dang easy to buy an ebook or download free ones. In other words, I read almost every print I check out from the library or buy, but I don't read even half the ebooks (some are too pathetic).
I just finished a heavy hardback and loved every minute. Now, it's the Kindle's turn, and we're getting along fine.


those of you who are on the fence about ebooks vrs ink and paper books you may enjoy this TED Talk by a book designer.


Chip Kidd


I never thought I would be an e-book kind of reader. Anyone who has seen my house and the towering columns of books can attest to that. But then, going on a vacation this past February, and the introduction of Pixelofink.com and its lists of free (or less than $3) ebooks may me reconsider. I found 6 ebooks for free on the daily list from Pixelofink.com, downloaded them, and had reading for the cruise rather than toting 4 paperbooks. Its different... but I have the opportunity to explore lots of debut genre authors...and see what helps them to sell, how well they write, and who I would actually buy a sequel from.

Patricia Gligor

My novel, "Mixed Messages," will be available in both formats.
Although I don't own a Kindle, I do see where they would be handy to have in certain circumstances - traveling, reviewing books, etc.
But I'm a "paper" girl! For me, there's nothing like the feeling of holding a book in your hands - especially your own!

Janice Pulliam

A tough one. I think the answer must be---all of the above, paper and electrons---at least for the current and next generation of readers. To get your book out there, you have to promote in both media. Personal sales are very satisfying, and if you're at a festival and tell someone to download your book on their kindle, how would you ever know whether they actually did it after they got home or not?

Lesley Diehl

My books are available in both print and ebooks. With respect to promoting and selling, I must admit I enjoy the face time with readers. I always come away from a presentation feeling uplifted with a renewed sense of commitment to my writing. However, as a reader I love my Kindle, but I'd never give up a book I can hold in my hands, either.


Thanks for asking Dac

I have been buying books since I was 14. Buying to OWN THEM. TO KEEP THEM. To have them around me.

My wife and I used to laugh when we moved from apt to apt or house to house (9 times) that we wished we had been born indigeous people who didn't have a written language. Because we could be more nomadic.

For the past few years I have been weening myself from my impulsive book buying because my reading has lagged behind my buying.

Also I have been exploring which e-reader or tablet I would want.

Main reason I have not bought a Kindle to an iPad is extra cost.

I can download ebooks to my laptop and read them there. But alas that it is not a paradigm I have feveloped yet.

The other reason I have not spent the $200 to $800 to get a e-reader or iPad tablet is that most of the books I would normally buy are still not available in ebook format yet.

Meg Mims

I love my Kindle. I read faster on it, dunno why. But I still love a hefty book in hand. :-)

Shirley White

I will be 80 this year and I like both. I like the adjustable print size on the e-book and the way it keeps my place if I drop it...or drop off.
I treasure my favorites and the autographed ones printed on paper.

Jim Kitchens

I like paper; but, Brenda always moves my books and I have trouble finding them. I only have to keep up with my Nook and Kindle, otherwise. Also, it cuts down on weight when I travel. Not only do I have my books on my reader; but, I can access the material necessary for my work. with the ever increasing cost of travel (and baggage) this is something that helps.

kitti Reynolds

Could very well be an age thing. I have never read an e-book. I prefer a nice paperback for travel, or a solid hardback for a book I think I want to keep.

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