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February 13, 2012


c2 c3 herniated disc

Rather excellent concept

Walter Lawrence

We lived in a white stucco house in San Antonio, and It was always a creepy thrill to go outside after a down pouring rain to see the tarantulas that had crawled up the walls to get away from the wetness on the ground. The creepy part was how many of them there were.

Marja McGraw

A friend of mine saw her 5-year-old son squatting in front of the ditch across from their house. He'd scream and stop. Scream and stop. She could see he wasn't hurt, so she walked over and asked him what he was doing. He said he was trying to see if he could break the ants' ear drums. Only a child could come up with that.

Velda Brotherton

Your post about stickers brought back lots of memories. We lived in Kansas and they had what was called goats head stickers. Evil little things, well not so little. More like big splinters with a hook on the end.
Enjoy your blog posts and the comments as well.

Patricia Gligor

When I think back to some of the things I did as a child, I have to laugh.
One particular story comes to mind.
There was an old stone wall at the end of our backyard, just before a huge woods. Chipmunks loved to hide between the stones. I thought they were so cute! One day, I told my Dad about how I had stuck my hand in a crevice, trying to pet one of the chipmunks. I'll never forget the expression on his face - and the warning to "Never do that again!"

Eileen Obser

I've only been stung twice in my life that I recall -- once by a bee and once by a wasp. And that's more than enough bug experience for me, thank you.

Interesting to read about your stings and arrows, though!

Dac Crossley

Yes - Pogonomyrmex - dont recall the species.

Shirley White

P.S. I sent your blog to my daughter and here is her response:(Shirley)
I've been encouraged to see red ants coming back. We have a big mound at the lake, and we feed them dog food crumbs and various dead bugs and fish parts. They are thriving, and I don't see much in the way of fire ants. Not so happy that I've seen a couple of scorpions, too. But what should we expect? We have cactus growing where the lake used to be. (That is Lake Buchanan. S)

I've also heard that there are horny toads within 20 miles of us. Can't wait to see that.


Shirley White

I have the same memories, since I was an outside kid. I do know where there is a huge red ant bed but there sure used to be a lot more of them.

I had thought maybe the fire ants had something to do with the decline of the big red ants.

J. R. Lindermuth

We don't have scorpions or tarantulas in Pennsylvania. But as a boy inclined to the outdoors, I had my stings from red ants and--worse--yellow jackets.
We also had our share of other types of bees, wasps, spiders, nettles and, of course, copperheads and rattlers to watch out for.

Mike Draney

Red ants...are those Pogonomyrmex, Dac? We had red Pogos in NM, but they were fairly rare...the common ones were the black and red P. rugosus, a species that I studied and toyed with all during my childhood. That venom really smarted! Its some of the most painful venom in North America. Fortunately, it seems to be too dry in New Mexico (outside of irrigated pecan groves by the Rio Grande) to allow fire ants to get the upper hand. Let's hope some of our native insects can remain the masters of their domains!

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