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February 07, 2012


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Walter Lawrence

Your post reminds me of the quote from J. Frank Dobie: "The story belongs to him that tells it best."

A story worth reading is one that is told well. The writer struggles with the anxiety and pleasure of producing it.

The one aspect of writing that always interests me is how different readers can interpret the same story in such different ways. Sometimes, they get an idea out of the writing that was never intended by the writer. But that's all part of the beauty of the process.

Looking forward to reading how Possum's tale unfolds.

Eileen Obser

Great blog -- simple, direct, letting us know how you do it, your methods. Makes me (us) think and compare. We learn, and when we sit our "butts" down in the chair, some of your words are pushing us as we start typing. Thanks!

Pat  Shields

My twosense worth tells me that experience is an honest, fair, hard, teacher...if you pay attention.

My experiences seem to harden into something to chew on. Spit out the gristle and bone, and a good story usually comes alive. Living a catch as catch can lifestyle gives one a big helping of experience.

Friend of mine said about song writing: First, you do it, then you do it for fun, then you do it seriously, and then you're done! Works for a lot of things.

tometta hentz

Dac - you make it sound so simple --- how I wish it was. Reality sets in --- and tenacity rears it's ugly head - once again. Alway love your posts. Tometta

Caroline Clemmons

"What if" rules our minds, doesn't it? Maybe not rules, but certainly gets the brain percolating.

Sunny Frazier

While I always know my plot from end to end, I have always written in sequence. However, I'm writing a book now with key scenes written first. Not sure if this is going to work for me--my head is already confused.

Writing is all about experimentation, both with what you write and how you write it.

Velda Brotherton

I always enjoy your down to earth posts, as I'm sure anyone who writes does.

Celia Yeary

Two of a kind--I write like you, waiting to see how the story unfolds, what the characters want to do, etc. I'm stuck right now in a story I've tried to write for about a year. But it won't write itself as all others have done. I ask you...why not?
I won't know until somebody tells me.

irene black

You reduced tons of exposition on how to write to one sentence.

Bill Stroud

Dac, I agree with everything you wrote and would only add one thing, something you implied, but didn't come right out and say.

Writing is a process. People get discouraged because they don't have a full story plotted, with all the twists and turns, characters fully developed. Doesn't work like that. Like you, my characters evolve as I get to know them. The plot changes, sometimes dramatically, as I get to know my characters and the general lay of the land. Sometimes the changes get pretty extreme, like yours changing from old to young. Like you, I have only a vague notion of the plot, but I see scenes vividly. Later I can link them together, or reshape them as the plot evolves. You were right on the money when you said, a novel doesn't start until you start it, even if you have no idea where it's going to end up.

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