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November 04, 2011



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It's something that's crossed my mind, and with good reason.

shirley white

Interesting interview and I think it is a neat idea , interviewing other writers. It is good to get to know about them.
I like the part about Caroline meeting Hero for the frist time.
My grandma told about meeting her future husband and she thought the was the ugliest man she ever saw.

Sebastian could well be the most beautiful cat in Texas!

Jacquie Rogers

Celia, Dac doesn't look one bit like your sister.

Caroline, good to see you here! I drop by Dac's blog every once in a while--always something good here, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Dac, you just featured one of the best western historical romance writers around. I've been a fan of Caroline's for a long time!

Caroline Clemmons

Thanks Dac and everyone who commented. There are a lot of us Texas Tech people around, aren't there? My kitty's eyes really are that green. The other cat's eyes are a softer green, sort of jade.

irene black

Good interview, I learned something about an author that I did not know. Are you sure you all didn't go to TT at the same time.
I have a friend who did her masters there in archeology. Traveled all the way from Cleveland, OH. Spent her life creating medical history museums in Cleveland & parts else where.

Paisley Kirkpatrick

Waving, Caroline. I always learn new things when I read interviews of favorite writers. Since I am also a western writer it certainly is good to see them becoming more popular.

Good look with lots more sales.

Celia Yeary

I guess we could have a Texas Tech Alumni celebration here, today--I and my husband have TT degrees, as well.
Dac, Caroline and I are cousins--well, we're pretend cousins because we have so much in common it's absolutely uncanny. We wanted to be sisters, but we don't look enough alike to be sisters.
Caroline--I already know everything you said here today, except how you actually met Hero. Now, that is an interesting bit a news. I enjoyed it.

Tanya Hanson

Loved the memory and kitty (those green eyes) and reading about you, Caroline. oxox

Lauri Robinson

Lovely interview! Love the memory of meeting your husband!

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