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October 24, 2011



Dac, so wonderful to have such a vivid remembrance of your grandmother...thanks for sharing. Augie

Marja McGraw

I think you post some of the most interesting blogs! And I wish your grandmother really had written the book. :)

Eileen Obser

Thanks for the history lesson. I always loved reading and studying history in school and this is a great reminder to get back to some of that reading.

Celia Yeary

Dac--history does repeat itself, doesn't it.
This was an account I'd never read about. Wow...aren't you glad you have that little book, a real treasure from your grandmother. You must take after her.
I hope your medical situation is under control.--I'm not sure what you mean by cluster headaches, but I think I have heard of the condition.Good post...

irene black

Good post, Dac. Buffalo soliders? I've heard the term, but not sure where they fit in with the military. Would make an interesting post.

Dac Crossley

Caroline - i just happened to run across this, poking through the old Texas History textbook. I think the post-construction era is really interesting in South Texas.

Dac Crossley

Actually, my grandmother didn't write it. But thanks anyway


What is thrilling is that this book, plus two revisions are available on Amazon, as well as a biography of his grandmother!

Caroline Clemmons

Dac, thanks for the reminder of this standoff, which I had forgotten. I love Texas history, but the stories I write are post-reconstruction and I tend to forget many events prior to 1870.

Patricia Gligor

Good post. I've always been fascinated with the Civil War Era. I think it's interesting that your grandmother wrote a textbook on the history of Texas. I guess it's true: "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

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