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May 02, 2011


Kevin Leftwich

Amen - k

Jan Okey

I listened to ALL these wonderful programs -Lamont Cranston o.k. - do not remember the quote! Wonderful kids programs on Sat.
a.m's - "Let's Pretend" etc. I still prefer radio over t.v. any day. My imagination is
better........and, I think I have a Fibber Mcghee and Molly closet - almost.......


Good thing you're so dang appealing to the younger generation! That way you'll always have fans! And every joke I don't understand means I get to think about how fabulously young I am...

Irene Black

You made me think back, strange my dad repaired radios during WWII, but we never listened to it at night. Concerts on Sunday afternoon.
Noon yes, lived a mile from school & walked home for lunch. Two 15 minute soap operas "Our gal, Sunday" & "Ma Perins" then back to school.
Had one on for tornado reports the last few weeks.


Hi, Dac, didn't listen to The Shadow, but do remember listening to Mr.
District Attorney, 8:30 Wednesday nights. Mom would let me go out to my Dad's shop and listen with him - sometimes! Those old radio show recordings have helped me cure insomnia, not because I'm bored, but because they carry my mind to a more relaxed time. I have a lot of them if anyone wants some.
By the way, anyone think Robert on 'Everybody Loves Raymond' laughs like 'The Great Gildersleeve?'

Celia Yeary

Dac--there are still a few of us out here. However, I was a little girl and did not listen to the Shadow. Of course, everyone in the world has heard that line--the first part of it--but I guess, not the second.
My daddy traveled all week--oil field duties--and came home on Fridays.During the week, Mother had three young girls to raise virtually alone--until the weekends. After supper and bath, we four sat around the radio and Mother taught us to embroider and crochet.I crocheted an entire wardrobe for a seven inch doll--I still have the doll and the little clothes.
I digress, though.
Interesting post, and I enjoyed it--Celia


I'm not even 40 (OKAY, I just turned 40) and I remember the Shadow saying "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows." I know this because my Dad would retell the stories to us while we sat on the edge of our seats. But I'm with Shirley when I say we didn't get the Weed quote, or at least it didn't stick with me. I am very glad to learn about it and I can't wait for an opportunity to use it as a sly comeback.


I'm only 51 and I remember listening to the Shadow (and the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes), but they were reruns on public radio in southern Illinois. But I've always identified more closely with the generation older than mine. At one point i'd memorized Abott and Costello's "who's on first" routine, now I can't find any coworkers who know who they were!

shirley white

Well yes, I remember Lamont Cranston was The Shadow and "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" But I do not remember about the weed of crime bearing bitter fruit. I believe you, though!


I remember having listened to Fiber McGhee and Molly a few times on the little radio I had in the little cubby hole in the wall next to my bed upstairs in my parents; home.

I remember of the Shadow but don't recall actually having listened to it then.

I do have some audio tapes that were made many years later of Jack Benny, Fibber &, Shadow and a couple others I use to listen in my car as I drove throughout Georgia while doing training for the Institute of Government or the Institute for Business instead of listening to religious stations.

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