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March 20, 2011



It's been wet here in Arizona. I just put up some photos on Facebook of our Sonoran spring, including the original Yellow Rose of Texas that you cite. Maybe that'll help your nostalgia a bit?

shirley white

Nostalgic, poetic, love it!

Mike Draney

It would make me happy to hear, too. We can tell it's spring here because some of the water (from the sky and on the ground) is liquid. I'm told skunk cabbage is blooming, and I saw a paper wasp on the sidewalk on St Patrick's Day. Perfect spring weather-for Green Bay.

DAC, I always saw Dinothrombium velvet mites after thunderstorms in the summer.

Ron Carroll

Hi Dac, The Anza Borego Desert has had a couple of recent rains and the wildflowers have responded. Check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISXogU2Kf5o

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