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March 02, 2011



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shirley white

Thanks for the bit of education today!

Dac Crossley

It surprised me, too. My copy of the Edwards book was purchased as the Kindle version.

J. R. Lindermuth

Interesting. Hadn't heard of this before. Thanks for listing the name of the Edwards book, too.

Dac Crossley

Glad to hear it. I wish the newspaper would run an online version of the actual front page - they have a nice web site but I'd like to see what they are actually printing --


Marj. F.

Not about Pancho Villa but about the the celebration going on at the Alamo, etc. marking the 175 years since its fall to Mexicans == The San Antonio Express News has been carrying daily examples of possible dispatches starting with Feb. 24, 1836: Bowie Stricken/Gives Up Command. They are in the form of a three=column wrap around the main page on paper tinted to look old. Other articles, pictures, etc. appear throughout the papers. These apparently will run through March 6th.

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