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March 29, 2011


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I am heading towards Texas in the coming year and I was looking for the information about the place and reached your post.. I liked reading your post..


Thanks for sharing the experience with all of us.. Your post will help me a lot and I am glad I visited here.. I will definitely look forward to it..

Dac Crossley

Thanks, Teresa. Hickok had his own way of dealing with ennui. But I'll keep his advice in mind...



Dac we will miss you at Inkslingers, advice, enjoy yourself drink a margarita for me will ya. I've never been west of the Mississippi, well California but it doesn't count it's the same as saying Florida isn't southern. "When you begin a cattle drive you can't expect to say you are finished until you have visited a fancy woman and played some games of chance. ~ Wild Bill Hickok
it's not a cattle drive but I reckon the advice is the same.


I should be seeking advice from you Dac, not the other way around!

Have fun. I know you will.


Have a wonderful time and don't forget to sample the local brew!!

Irene Black

Have a safe trip and sell lots of books.

Jan Okey

Have a great trip Dac. Enjoy every moment.
Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Dac Crossley

Thanks, John. If I can make it that far, I'll surely look for the book store.


John Duncklee

There's a nice little bookstore in Alpine where Elmer Kelton frequented.

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