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February 19, 2011


Irene Black

Good. I'll say more in an email.


It may, but it will be a long time. Blockbuster is being shut down by video on demand or DVDs delivered to your home for a low monthly fee. The difference (as I see it) between Blockbuster and Borders/Barnes is on demand video and DVDs to your door still give you the same end product, high quality movies/programs on your TV. They're just far more convenient than driving down to a store to pick up a DVD. An e-book isn't the same thing (as I see it,) plus you need special equipment to read them.

Eventually books may go to the wayside, but not in the next ten years or more. I do believe, you'll like see a larger and larger piece of the pie going to e-reading in these coming years though.

Mike Long


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